Most of us have heard the term tree pruning before, but we do we actually know what it means? We may nod our head and agree when it’s brought up, but what exactly is tree pruning?


Trees that grow out in the wilderness have the freedom to grow as large as they want. However, trees that grow in our backyards and around our neighborhood don’t have the same luxury. While it’s important to make sure a tree is healthy and appears natural, it’s just as important to make sure the areas around your tree are not in danger because of the roots or branches.


That’s where tree pruning comes in. At Big Timber Tree Service, LLC, the top tree company in Cherry Hill and the surrounding area, we’re proud to offer our tree pruning services to homeowners in South Jersey.


What Is Tree Pruning?

At its core, our tree pruning services focus on selectively removing branches from a tree. We select each branch carefully to improve the tree’s structure, health and appearance. Our team is able to pinpoint exactly what the tree(s) on your property need to maintain a nice and healthy appearance.


Why Is It Important?

Tree pruning is important for the appearance and health of a tree. When done properly, an adequate pruning job can ensure a tree’s long-term health while also protecting your property.

When you choose us, the benefits of tree pruning include:

  • Removal of dead, broken or damaged branches.
  • Avoidance of potential damage to your property.
  • A healthier and better appearance.
  • Trimmed trees that avoid any obstacles like power lines.
  • Creation of a solid foundation.


Don’t Wait Any Longer!

The best way to ensure the appearance of your property is to turn to our professionals at Big Timber Tree Service, LLC. For years, we’ve proudly been the top tree company in Medford and the surrounding area. Anyone who’s interested in more information can give us a call at 856-288-1793.

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