Occasionally, disaster strikes and a tree falls onto a property. These accidents can lead to significant damages, power outages, and hazardous conditions. As the most reputable tree removal service in Cherry Hill and nearby regions, we’ve created an action plan to help you to mediate this type of situation if it ever occurs.

If the Power Lines are Down, Call 911 and Your Electricity Provider

If a tree falls on your house, there’s a chance that a power line could fall at the same time. This creates a dangerous situation, which increases the risk of both electrical shock and fire for homeowners. If the power in your house stops working, or your lights are flickering, there’s a good chance your power line is down. 

Take a look outside your property and try to identify if the fallen tree has trapped the power line. In some instances, a downed line will still function, but there is still a risk present. Shut off all the power using your breaker box immediately, even if you only suspect that a power line has been downed.

Call your local electrical company and alert the authorities as soon as possible. If you think that you can smell smoke, leave your property, and call 911 from a safe distance. Technicians will be dispatched by the electricity provider to repair the lines. The police may have to block the flow of traffic onto your street, and the fire department may send a unit as a precaution until everything is under control and safety is restored.

Prevent any Further Damage

Fallen trees can break windows, damage siding, and lead to holes in your rooftop. They can even damage brick and stone materials such as walls, chimneys, and other masonry. Your gas lines could also suffer damage, even though they are buried underground. If the tree has fallen in the area near the gas lines entering your home, its roots could have disrupted underground pipes. 

Take caution, and shut off your gas meter until you’re confident that no lines have been damaged. There should be a shut-off valve near your gas meter. Use a wrench to turn the valve to the right about a quarter turn; this should shut off the gas completely. Next, call a reputable contractor to board up or tarp any broken windows. This will protect your home from any further internal damage.

Next, call our team at Big Timber Tree Service to have the tree safely removed from your property.

For additional information, or to schedule tree removal in Mount Laurel or emergency tree services, contact a member of our team today.


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