Bamboo Removal Services

Bamboo Removal Services

Bamboo management can be difficult in landscaping. Fortunately, with the correct methods and tools, you can limit new development and stop the invasive plant from destroying your landscape. Learn a few essential techniques for getting rid of bamboo. An evergreen perennial grass known as bamboo has smooth, broad, pointed leaves and long, hollow stalks. The stems are a strong, natural material that contractors utilize to create structures in place of hardwoods like mahogany and cedar. Bamboo is also used as a food source because it produces bamboo rice, which is made of edible seeds with an aromatic flavor and a sticky texture.

Although bamboo is good for the environment, it is a tough plant to get rid of since it is invasive and spreading.

With some species growing at a rate of one meter per day, bamboo spreads and grows rapidly. Because of this, as it grows, bamboo may engulf your garden and even the yards of your neighbors. Although some bamboo species naturally occur in the United States, many states view others, including golden bamboo, as invasive species. Bamboo prevents the growth of neighboring plants by spreading into undesirable areas. It imperils biodiversity, which is the diversity of species and living things on Earth and their influence on the environment.Once bamboo has been established, getting rid of it can be difficult and time-consuming. Early bamboo removal is crucial for avoiding overgrowth because it can take years to entirely remove all the underground rhizomes. With Big Timber, we service Burlington County, NJ, and beyond with our premium bamboo removal services.

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    Bamboo Removal Contractor

    Cutting off all of the above-ground bamboo growth as the first step in the manual removal process. our team cuts the bamboo poles down  to the ground . We dig out the rhizomes after removing the bamboo poles, from the outer to the inner part of the root system. The exterior, less entangled portions of the roots are stronger and easier to remove. By using spade and shovels to break up the soil, we remove all roots. Although the root system of bamboo can extend up to three feet deep, the rhizomes primarily develop horizontally.

    Big Timber is proud to service residents in Burlington County, NJ and other cities and counties along the east coast.

    Regularly cutting back on new growth slows down undesired bamboo and eventually gets rid of it. Since you cannot use a lawnmower to cut down fully established, tall bamboo shoots, this technique only works for shorter, younger bamboo shoots. Before mowing tall shoots, we an use a garden lopper or chainsaw to trim them as close to the ground as possible. From applying a herbicide to the area as fresh leaves emerge, we prevent additional sprouting.

    Bamboo Removal Contractor

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How Fast Does Bamboo Grow?

    Bamboo is known for being the fastest-growing plant in the world. The growth rate differs between different types of bamboo and the environment in which they are grown. Running bamboo grows an average of 3-5 feet each year while clumping bamboo grows an average of 1-3 feet each year.

    When Does Bamboo Grow?

    Bamboo only grows shoots during the spring. In about 2-3 months, these canes will reach their full height. Once developed, these canes stop growing and will only produce new leaves during the next growth season. During the summer and fall, however, bamboo will continue to grow underground, expanding and nourishing its root system for the coming spring.

    What is The Difference Between Running and Clumping Bamboo?

    The difference between running bamboo and clumping bamboo lies in their rhizomes. Rhizomes are responsible for new growth, expanding horizontally beneath the surface and sprouting new shoots in the spring. Clumping bamboo is characterized by short rhizomes that remain close to their origins. Running bamboo, on the other hand, has longer rhizomes that can spread much quicker into unwanted areas.

    Is Bamboo Invasive?

    Because of its rapid growth, bamboo can easily expand and invade local properties. Without proactive containment measures, your bamboo can quickly take over landscapes.

    What Are The Dangers of Bamboo?

    Uncontained bamboo growth can wreak havoc on your property. Beyond wreaking havoc on your landscape, new shoots can damage or weaken the foundations of your home, sidewalks, driveways, and pipes. If you are experiencing issues with invasive bamboo, contact Big Timber for professional bamboo removal services.

    How Do You Remove Bamboo From a Yard?

    Bamboo removal is an extensive process that requires trimming the culms and manually digging up the root system to prevent future growth. Any traces left behind could result in new shoots emerging in the spring. To ensure a safe and thorough remediation, call Big Timber for professional bamboo removal services.

    When is The Best Time for Bamboo Removal?

    Bamboo removal is often performed in the spring when new culms are still tender and easy to kill. This visible growth allows us to quickly evaluate where the bamboo has spread.

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