Spring is almost here, and its arrival will be announced with an explosion of color from trees and flowerbeds across the region. If you’ve lived on your property for a while, you probably are familiar with most of its trees and when you can expect to see their first flowers. However, to properly care for your trees, our arborists in Haddon Heights know that it’s important to prune them at the right time. Here, we examine why it’s important to prune your trees, what some of the most common flowering trees are in our region, and when the right time is to prune.

Why Pruning Is Important

  • Safety – Make sure the tree is not hanging too low or hitting any buildings on your property. You should also take into consideration how you and your family use the backyard for work and play.
  • Tree Health – Remove branches or portions of the tree that are diseased or broken. This can prevent the spread of disease to other parts of the tree.
  • Aesthetics – Enjoy the beauty of your trees by maintaining the desired shape. A beautifully manicured tree can improve the overall look of your yard.

Common Springtime Flowering Trees in NJ

Most flowering trees in our area bloom around the end of March through May. Here are some of the most popular trees we see:

  • Ornamental pear
  • Dogwood
  • Redbud
  • Magnolia
  • Crabapple
  • Flowering plum
  • Cherry blossom

When to Prune Your Trees

For spring-blooming trees, there are two times of year that you can potentially prune them:

  • Winter – Many people like to prune their trees in the winter while they are dormant. This allows the tree to have a burst of vigorous new growth once spring rolls around. It’s best to wait until the coldest part of winter has passed.
  • Late spring/summer – If you missed your opportunity to prune in the winter, then you’ll need to wait until after the flowers have faded to prune your trees. However, for trees that bloom in late spring or summer, wait until next winter to prune them — fall is the worst season for pruning, or you may have issues with fungi.

Leave Pruning to the Professionals

Especially if you have larger trees on your property, it’s best to leave tree pruning to the professionals. Our tree specialists in Haddon Heights can identify the trees on your property and prune them at the proper time of year to ensure the safety of everyone on your property and the continued health and beauty of the tree. Contact us today to schedule an estimate!

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