Whether you cut the trees down yourself or you inherited rotting stumps from the previous property owner, you don’t have to rip up your lawn to remove a tree stump. Instead of removing the stump completely — roots and everything — like other stump removal services, Big Timber Tree Service obliterates unsightly stumps with a state-of-the-art stump grinder. Grinding is a more efficient and less invasive method of stump removal, and you can even use the grindings as mulch for your landscaping if you want! 

With decades of providing tree cutting services to Cherry Hill and the surrounding communities in South Jersey under our belt, we haven’t been stumped by a single stump yet! Read on to learn more about stump grinding.

How Does a Stump Grinder Work?

Stump grinders (pictured above) come in many shapes and sizes, but the one we use at Big Timber Tree Service is comparable to a small tractor. Our heavy-duty, ride-on stump grinder utilizes spinning discs with razor-sharp “teeth” to gradually chip away parts of the stump. Slowly but surely, the stump is ground further and further down, until it is reduced to mulch and sawdust. There will most likely be roots left behind underground once the job is complete, but they will decompose over time. In the meantime, you are free to reclaim your outdoor space and use it to benefit your family or business!

Call Big Timber Tree Service to Reduce Stumps to Sawdust

Are you a homeowner, business owner, or commercial property manager with an unsightly stump that’s begging to be put out of its misery? The stump removal experts at Big Timber Tree Service are here to help! No matter how stubborn your stumps are, our cutting-edge stump grinder has the necessary power to get the job done. We also provide tree removal services to Pennsauken and other communities throughout South Jersey. Let us know if you have any questions about the trees or stumps on your property, and we will gladly provide answers. Otherwise, feel free to contact us anytime to schedule stump removal services!

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