As the fall approaches, this is the last chance we have to adequately prepare our gardens for the winter. During spring and summer, we work hard to keep our gardens looking good; therefore, it’s worth taking some extra time to prepare them for the winter. As the most reputable tree cutting and trimming service in Pennsauken, we’ve listed some essential fall yard care tips below:

Weed Control

During the spring, weeds can destroy the curb appeal of any yard, so it’s great to get them under control throughout the fall. Weeds such as clover and dandelion take up all the nutrients in the winter and sprout during the spring. Therefore, if you spray herbicide in the winter, their roots will draw up this poison, and they will no longer sprout in the spring. As soon as you start to treat weeds in the fall, you will view the results the following year. Don’t worry too much about brown spots on the grass; these will soon be replaced by healthy grass.

Remove Weak Branches

Rather than pruning in the fall, take the opportunity to remove any dying or dead branches. In winter, many people complain about the number of dead plants of which they have to look. So, why not remove them all during the fall? Remove all dead annuals, ornamental perennials, and deadhead spent blooms. Also, lightly prune away any withered branches on trees and shrubs. With hydrangeas, remove any dried blossoms but leave the dead looking stalks behind. These will form fresh buds in the new year.

Clear Fallen Leaves

While winter can provide a myriad of problems for the yard, none are as frustrating as the constant falling leaves. When these leaves dry, they stop the sunlight from reaching your grass, and moist leaves can spread disease and mold. Therefore, we recommend clearing the leaves at least once a week, no matter how arduous the task may be.

Fertilize Your Lawn Area

Many kinds of grass in our US lawns were brought over from Europe. This means that they must be supplemented with essential nutrients that they would have been exposed to in their natural habitat. To maintain a healthy lawn, apply fertilizer early in the winter to replace any nutrients lost in the summer. In the winter, this fertilizer acts as a stimulant and encourages roots to grow beneath the surface.

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