Here at Big Timber Tree Service, LLC, it’s our mission to beautify your property by enhancing the health and appearance of your trees. Sometimes, trees reach a point in life where improving their health and appearance becomes impossible. The best thing to do, for the tree and your property, is to remove the tree. When this happens, it’s time for tree removal service. In the Medford area, that means calling Big Timber Tree Service, LLC. 

Here are some signs that indicate that it might be time to call us:

The tree has started pruning itself.

Pruning is the process of removing dead or dying branches. It’s beneficial to a tree’s health when done by a professional, as it helps the tree distribute nutrients to healthy branches instead of wasting these nutrients on dead or dying branches. It’s a symptom of health problems when dead or dying branches start falling off a tree by themselves. If a tree develops a cavity and drops a branch, you may see a hole in the trunk, which can lead to internal decay.  

The tree is losing leaves early.

Trees are supposed to lose their leaves every year, so this by itself is not a cause for alarm. But if your tree’s leaves are falling earlier in the year than usual, that may be a sign of disease, especially if these leaves are discolored or have fewer veins than normal.

The bark’s appearance has changed. 

If your tree’s bark has lumps, fungus, or cankers (areas of gashed, indented, or missing bark), the tree’s structural integrity may be weakened.  

The tree roots are weak or rotten.

If a tree that used to stand up straight has reached an angle of leaning of more than 15°, it’s a sign of weak or broken roots. Rotten roots can lead to a tree rotting from the inside out, which can be observed when mushrooms or other fungi start growing on the trunk or at the base of the tree. 

Contact Big Timber Tree Service, LLC 

If you’ve observed any of these signs on your tree, it’s time to call our tree service, which serves the Haddon Heights area. We’ll determine whether removal is the best course of action for your tree. Contact us for a free estimate!

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