Everyone loves to see the trees on their property grow throughout the years. As the leaves fall off in autumn, grow back and flourish in the spring and summer, and change into lovely colors in the fall, trees provide a year-round visual reminder of the majesty of nature’s beauty. You care about the trees on your property because they are like a part of your home, almost like a friend or neighbor. Trees are living things, meaning that they require care and attention.

If you were able to ask a tree what its favorite month is, April would probably be the answer. With the branch-bending snow and cold wind of winter over, trees can once again show their true colors with their regrown, bright green foliage. And best of all, the last Friday in April is every tree’s favorite day of the year: Arbor Day. This holiday is celebrated worldwide and is dedicated to the planting and care of trees.

This Arbor Day, show your trees how much you care by hiring the best tree trimming service in the Pennsauken area of South Jersey.

That would be Big Timber Tree Service.

For nearly 30 years, Big Timber Tree Service has been keeping homeowners’ trees healthy with its tree service in Haddon Township and other areas of South Jersey. Registered with the NJ Board of Tree Experts, Big Timber Tree Service has an established reputation for trustworthiness and quality service, as evidenced by its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Trimming keeps your tree’s growth under control. It’s beneficial to the tree itself, as well as the property surrounding the tree.  

Big Timber’s tree trimming service poses no inconvenience to you. Once you’ve contacted us and we’ve scheduled an appointment, all we need from you is room for our trucks and machinery. Then we’ll do the trimming, and clean your property so thoroughly that it’ll be just as clean, if not cleaner than when we arrived. Your tree has nothing to lose (except the trimmings that need removing).

And if you’re reading this after Arbor Day, don’t worry or think you’ve missed your chance to show your tree how much you care. The tree professionals at Big Timber Tree Service are available for consultations and plant health care all year long. So call them at (856) 288-1793. You and your tree will be glad you did.  

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