Did you know that robust, healthy trees do a better job of standing up against severe storms? In fact, regular maintenance of your home’s landscape can go a long way in reducing the chance of irreversible damage as well as extending the health and life of your trees.

Courtesy of Big Timber Tree Service, LLC, your prime source for tree removal in Haddon Heights and surrounding communities, take a look at our list of six measures you can take right now before the summer storms begin rolling in.

1. Inspect for Weaknesses

Check out your trees for any peeling bark, cracks, or chips in their trunks, as well as heaving soil at the base of trunks, cavities or holes, dying branches, or twigs and branches without leaves and buds. These are all red flags of a weakened tree that may need removal or pruning, depending on the extent of the problem.

2. Start Pruning Away

Cut away and remove any dead, weakened, diseased, or bug-infested branches and twigs. This will not only help protect you, your trees, and your property, but it also opens up the trees’ canopies to let in air and light for a healthier tree.

3. Give It Support

To shore up weaker trees, try adding some braces or flexible steel cables. Braces and cables help transfer the tree’s weight from weaker branches to sturdier ones, thereby preventing breaks and bends and enhancing tree longevity.

4. Install Protection

A lightning protection system can help direct storm-related lightning into the ground through conductive cables, potentially saving the tree in the process. Such systems can help prevent trees from absorbing the brunt of a lightning bolt.

5. Give Your Tree Some TLC

Make sure to water, fertilize, and mulch your trees. Such regular maintenance chores are a critical part of keeping your trees healthy. Consistent and proper watering, as well as protective mulching, can give your trees what they need most by boosting their overall health.

6. Treat Any Diseases or Infestations

There are a number of different treatment options for taking care of pest problems, fungi, and plant diseases. For help with assessing the health of your trees and treating for problems of concern, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our tree service in Haddon Heights today and give us a call!

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