With the end of hurricane season, it’s time for homeowners to clean up any lingering damage that may have occurred from this year’s storms. It isn’t rare to see any dead trees or tree stumps that may need to be removed. Luckily, we here at Big Timber Tree Service, LLC, the top choice for tree removal in Haddon Heights, have been able to clean up properties all across South Jersey.


Before you go thinking that you can get away with keeping a dead tree or unwanted tree stump in your backyard, here’s why you should get rid of it:


Dangerous For Kids or Animals

Anyone who has young children or a dog may want to consider getting rid of that rotten tree stump sooner rather than later. As much as you tell your young ones to not go near the tree, at the end of the day, we know how little our children listen to us. Dogs are even just as bad, and since rotting tree stumps will attract termites, any dog that goes near a tree stump can possibly end up bringing termites into your home.


Property Value/Appearance

Even if the tree is not in direct view of your home from the outside, it is important to remove any tree stumps or dead trees as soon as possible. A dead tree can lower the value of your home, typically because any homeowner who moves in may have to remove the tree on their own. On top of that, a dead tree is just not pleasant to look at by any means.


Attract Unwanted Insects

As we’ve mentioned above, a dead or rotting tree will attract termites and other unwanted insects from all over. Don’t let your property get overrun by creepy crawlers any longer because of a tree stump in your backyard.


Even if you aren’t in need of any tree removal this fall, homeowners also turn to us for tree trimming services in Collingswood and the surrounding area. Anyone in need of a reliable arborist should look no further than our team at Big Timber Tree Service, LLC. Give us a call today at 856-288-1793.

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