Cherry Hill, NJ, and many other parts of the Northeast have already experience several snow storms this winter. However, we still have some frigid months ahead, which could mean the heaviest snow is still yet to come.

You’ve likely stocked up on winter storm supplies like snow shovels, salt, ice scrappers, bottled water, and maybe even a generator. But have you given a thought yet to the importance of tree trimming in the winter because of the damage heavy snow and ice can cause?

Although snow on trees can be a pretty sight to behold, too much snow on trees can become problematic. That’s why calling a tree cutting service to trim your overgrown branches before the peak of winter and the heavy snow hit is one of the best decisions you can make.

A light covering of snow like we’ve seen so far a few times this winter in Cherry Hill, NJ, isn’t likely to cause any damage to the trees on your property. In fact, it can even add to the aesthetic beauty of winter. But several inches of heavy, wet snow can be very bad for the trees that surround your home.

The weight of this snow can split or break branches, deform evergreen trees, or even uproot plants. If you wait until a major winter storm is over, it could be too late.

In order to prevent this, have a tree service company come out and prune branches that are overgrown, dead, or hanging over areas to which severe property damage could be caused. It is important to be proactive and have professionals come out to nip these issues in the bud because there isn’t much that can be done to repair and already damaged tree or plant.

Take a walk around your property to see if any tree branches look like they could be troublesome, and if you find some, call a tree cutting service as soon as you can. You never know when the next big winter storm is going to hit!

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