Tree Service CompanyA slew of thunder storms this summer have left residents in Collingswood, N.J., as well as others in Camden County and South Jersey in need of a tree service company.

High winds and heavy rain throughout the area in June, July and August have caused varying degrees of tree damage, and in some cases, entire trees or limbs have fallen, causing road blocks and damaged property.

Several news outlets, have had stories on the region’s storm damage throughout the summer, and 6 ABC Action News even posted this video earlier this month that shows the recent storm damage in Collingswood.

“At this time, we’ve had some trees come down across roadways, on top of homes and cars, but based on our assessment no one seems to have been hurt,” Camden County Freeholder Jonathan Young said in a news release. He added that county emergency management officials were assessing the damage total.

There have even been reports of possible tornados in the South Jersey area this summer. Severe storms like these not only can wreak havoc on trees, but they are also a risk to power lines. When trees fall near power lines, accidents and even fires can occur.

“All residents are advised to use extreme caution when going outside today,” the Collingswood Fire Department said in a warning posted on Facebook after a severe thunder storm in late June. “There are wires and trees down all over the town.”

If you’re living in Collingswood or any of the other South Jersey areas that were hit hard by thunder storms this summer, Big Timber Tree Service is here to help you with your tree trimming and tree removal needs.

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