Everyone wants a good looking lawn. From perfectly manicured grass to beautiful variations of flowers and shrubs, a good lawn can make you the envy of the neighborhood. In your efforts to create the perfect lawn, it’s possible that you are doing far too much, and as a result, can end up damaging your lawns and trees. To get the most out of your lawn, avoid making these 3 lawn care mistakes.
Plants and trees need water, this is true. However, plants and trees need a specific amount of water. When you incorporate various plants, shrubs, and trees into your yard, you must understand that each comes with a different water requirement. For larger trees that can pull from greater amounts of soil, if located too close to a plant or shrub that requires daily watering, you could essentially be overwatering this tree. Overwatering hinders a tree’s ability to produce energy, which can ultimately result in rotten roots and a dead tree.
We’ve all seen it; mulch piled high into what men have affectionately referred to as “volcano mulching”. High piles of mulch have become so common; people actually believe that is how it should look. That is just not the case. Huge piles of mulch can prevent tree bark from drying. This will, in turn, create mold and leave room for decay, bacteria and harmful fungus. Instead, the ideal mulch layer is 3-4” layered just off the trunk.

Over pruning
Tree pruning and tree trimming are necessary for maintaining the overall health of your yard. By removing the dangerous and dead portions of the tree, you can support healthy, luscious growth. However, if improperly done, pruning and tree trimming can cause permanent damage. Deep cuts into the wood can result in dead wood, damaged bark, or loose branches in danger of falling,

You want to keep your yard looking good. Following the aforementioned guidelines will help you achieve it.

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