tree removal Many people have a very lackadaisical approach to taking care of their lawn during the winter. The popular belief is that there isn’t much that can be done when the frost, snow, and cold air take over. This is not entirely true. There is still some maintenance that can be done and preventative measures that homeowners can take to ensure their lawns survive the winter and are ready for spring.

For starters, fertilizing your lawn in the winter may sound crazy, but it is extremely important. This practice is often overlooked, but should be utilized more. Fertilizing your lawn in the late fall/early winter is important for cool seasoned grasses like Kentucky blue grass, tall fescue, and Bermuda. The cold weather will lock the nutrients into your soil and feed your lawn’s roots throughout the winter. By the time spring comes around, you will have a full, green, and healthy lawn.

It’s also important to eliminate objects like debris and furniture from your lawn during the winter. Do a final walkthrough of your lawn and remove any unnecessary objects. Keeping your lawn clean will help prevent damaging your grass. Objects left throughout the winter can create dead spots in your grass when they freeze. Be sure to call a trusted tree removal service to help remove any stumps or logs that can harm your lawn.

Finally, try to avoid traffic through your lawn during the winter. Grass should not be walked on when it is brown, as it is trying to recover from excessive damage. When people such as the mailman or your children continually walk through the same path through your lawn daily, this creates weak spots during a time that grass is already vulnerable. Avoid walking through or parking cars on your grass in an effort to preserve it.

Grass is pretty resilient, but you don’t want to take any chances. The sooner you start to prepare your lawn in the winter, the better you will be in the spring. For more lawn care and tree service tip, be sure to continue to check back with Big Timber Tree Service’s blog frequently!

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