tree stump removal service

Believe it or not 2017 is almost here and with the turn of the calendar comes another opportunity for New Year’s resolutions. If you find yourself amongst the millions of Americans who have gripes with tree stumps on their property that are hurting their home value and causing potential safety hazards, make this the year to utilize our tree stump removal experts.

Many people believe that tree stumps are just unsightly, but they actually pose many other problems. For instance, did you know that tree stumps often take valuable nutrients away from other plants in your yard. If you can’t get your grass as green as you would like in the spring or have issues with your flowers reaching their fullest bloom, it very well could be that your tree stump is spoiling your efforts.

Tree stumps also can serve as homes for pests like termites, ants, rodents, beetles and more. When they start to decay, the fungus that breeds in the stump can actually impact other trees in your yards. If you don’t want to put your other plants and trees in danger, you should consider tree stump removal.

If you have children, the physical presence of a tree stump can be very risky. With our tree stump removal service, you’ll never again have to worry about your child playing tag with their friends and tripping over a tree stump that causes a broken limb. Not to mention tree stumps that get covered over with grass or weeds can very often cause damage to whoever is in charge of mowing the lawn.

Even if you don’t mind the tree stump in your yard today, it could prove to hurt the resell value of your home in the long run. Unlike a tree, there is no aesthetic value to a tree stump. Home buyers want to take advantage of space and a stump hinders the opportunity for a backyard barbecue, a hammock or other outdoor furniture.

Finally, beyond the issues a tree stump can cause – it’s important to consider why you need to call upon our tree service experts. The roots that come with a tree stump are deeply rooted and difficult to remove. Methods that use harmful chemicals can be damaging to the environment and the people who administer them. Our experts have years of experience in the tree stump removal industry and will provide service with a smile. Make this year the year you take back your property’s look. Call our experts today!

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