Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. Leaves are brightening while the sun rises and sunsets are breathtaking. And while spring and summer are often the times most associated with landscaping and yard care, autumn also presents a great opportunity to keep your property and scenic as the season itself.

To help freshen up your lawn this fall, here are some great autumn landscaping tips.

Pruning, Trimming, Removing

Before the harsh, cold winter sets in, the shrubs and trees around your property could use the work of a reliable tree service. Some of the trees around your property might need to be trimmed to prevent damage from snow and ice storms and others you might just want to control the size of until they grow back next spring. Tree removal is also important to keep in mind for any trees on your property that are damaged beyond repair from strong summer storms. A tree service’s tree stump removal can also come in handy.

One Last Cut

Even if it’s starting to get cold, that doesn’t mean your lawn doesn’t have to be cut. You should continue to mow your lawn until your grass stops growing because if your grass gets too long it can shade other blades of grass and cause dead spots on your lawn. Also, once snow falls, the grass blades that are too long get packed down and snow mold begins to form.

Turn the Mulch

Mixing up your mulch and fluffing it up a bit will give your flowerbeds a nice fresh look before winter. This also helps prevent your mulch from becoming a hiding place for bugs and plant diseases. If you think your mulch could use a little topping off, you can even make your own using the leaves and other organic material around your yard. Run the lawnmower over the leaves a few times and you can use the remains as mulch for your flower beds.

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