Stump Removal

Spring thaw is here. The snow has melted and all of the unsightly areas of your lawn are slowly revealing themselves. In preparation for the spring, it’s time to start readying your lawn for the arrival of lush grass and beautiful blossoms. That’s hard to do with ugly tree stumps in your yard. As your local tree cutter in Cherry Hill, Big Timber believes that homeowners should be knowledgeable about the risks associated with not removing tree stumps.

Extremely Hazardous
Depending on the size or height of a tree stump, it can be very hard to see. This can pose a safety issue for people walking around or children running around your yard. It can be very easy to trip over a stump, thus creating a serious liability for you.

Very Unsightly
Leaving a tree stump to just rot on your lawn creates a major eye sore. Tree stumps add nothing to your home’s curb appeal and can actually detract from the value of your home if you’re trying to sell it. Tree stumps are a sign of an unkempt lawn and can scare away potential buyers.

Encourage Infestations
If you entrusted the services of a tree cutter who left your tree stump on the lawn, never use them again. Tree stumps are more susceptible to diseases than whole trees. An ignored tree stump attracts insects and vermin to your yard, which can create conditions for an infestation. These insects and vermin can also potentially carry diseases that can spread to your other plants, trees, and even your family.

Create Obstacles
When planning out your lawn decorations and plans for flowers, trying to maneuver around a tree stump can be hard. They are an inefficient use of space that eventually becomes a nuisance. It can be hard to plan a pool, lawn furniture, or even just simply mowing the grass with a tree stump in the way.

Promote Growth
After removing a tree, the last thing you want is a bunch of smaller trees beginning to grow where the original tree stood. By not removing your tree stump in a timely fashion, the stump can actually promote the growth of smaller sprouts of new trees. The longer you wait, the more expensive it can become to remove the stump and smaller trees with established root systems.

Remove your tree stump now before it’s too late. For more information on tree cutting and stump removal, be sure to check our site.

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