If you’re living in New Jersey or basically anywhere on the East Coast, you’ve recently felt the effects of the Bomb Cyclone that brought blizzardy conditions to many eastern states. This winter storm included a few inches to a foot of snow depending on where you were located, but the freezing temperatures and high winds made it a force to be reckoned with.

Those who felt the wrath of this blizzard could be dealing with several issues at the moment, including damage to trees on their property because of the blistering winds and freezing snow.

If there are dead or broken tree branches on your property that are now covered with snow, these can become hazardous and it is wise to have a tree removal service come and take care of the issue. The professionals at a tree service company will be able to prune branches that are overgrown or broken, or they can completely remove trees that have been uprooted because of snow, ice, or wind. For those living in New Jersey, which is one of the state’s that was hit the hardest by the Bomb Cyclone, here’s where you can find tree removal in Delran.

Taking care of broken tree branches now will save you a huge headache later. If another major winter storm comes before you take care of the pre-existing damage, it could be too late and you could experience some serious property damage from a fallen branch.

Also, if you see trees or branches down on your road or property, be sure to give a tree removal service a call immediately. For these have already become hazardous and could cause a serious accident if not taken care of the right way.

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