The air is a little warmer, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. We believe it’s safe to say that spring has officially sprung. Gone are the cold, snowy winter days and hello sunshine and cool fresh air. As the snow and ice are completely in our rearview mirrors, it’s time to start getting our lawns in order.

Plan Landscaping
Before digging, planting, or tearing anything down, it is best to have a plan of action in mind. Think about how you want your yard to look this year. Are you changing the location of any shrubs, thinking of a new floral color scheme or adding a few more plants than usual this year? Sketch out what you want to accomplish in your garden this year so it’s easier to go in and tackle when the time comes.

Remove Debris
Wind, rain, and snow can easily wreak havoc on your lawns in the winter. Start your spring cleaning efforts by collecting and raking up any leaves, twigs, and fallen branches scattered throughout your lawn. Many townships have limb collections immediately after major storms or transitioning into spring, so be sure to contact your local municipality to find out. Additionally, there are dumpster rentals available to help dispose of larger debris and trash.

Prune and Trim
In order to keep your yard looking nice and to help trees grow healthy, it is necessary to regularly tree and prune your trees. Prune back any bushes and hedges that look visibly weatherworn. This will help prevent further damage from occurring to your yard. If there are branches that you cannot reach on your own, call your local tree trimming professional to handle that for you.

Start Planting
Finally, after all your hard work of cleaning and prepping, it’s time to plant. Be sure to follow the proper instructions outlined on the packages. Start with those plants that can handle the winter/spring transitional cool nights and work your way towards the warmer weather plants.

After the major winter storms the area has experienced, it’s imperative that gardeners follow these simple guidelines to keep their yards looking pristine into the spring.

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