After a summer of growth, Audubon, N.J., and other South Jersey residents might find themselves with some overgrown trees on their property. You may look at the trees on your property and contemplate whether or not they need a tree trimming now or if they can wait until next year.

But hiring a tree trimming service has many benefits and could end up being one of the best decisions you could make for the trees on your property.

Whether it’s fine pruning, standard pruning, hazard trimming, or crown-reduction trimming that you’re having done, you’ll be thankful that you had a professional come out and clean up your trees’ appearance. Still not convinced? Here are some of the top reasons to prune or trim your trees.

Improved Tree Health: A proper trimming by a profession tree trimming service can improve the health or trees by eliminating dead or dying branches. This action will not only prevent the tree from decaying further, but it will also reduce the risk of a dead branch falling and damaging your property or harming your family.

Appearance: Pruning or trimming the trees on your property will improve their overall appearance and make the landscape of your house more aesthetically pleasing. Trimming will also prevent branches from crossing and competing for space to grow.

More Sun and Oxygen: Trimming trees will increase the sun exposure and air circulation that the tree experiences, which in turn improves their health. The removal of excess branches allows for more light to shine on the tree and more air flow throughout.

Bigger, Better Fruit: Pruning fruit trees can actually lead to more crops with improved size. Fruit trees should be pruned in late winter to expose the center of the tree to sunlight.

Opens Up Property: Trimming or pruning the trees on your property can open up the landscape and improve the view of your home. Tree trimming is truly a simple service that can lead to big results.

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