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When a tree dies on your property, it should be removed as soon as possible. Not only does a dying tree take away from the visual appeal of your property, but it can also attract pests including rats and termites. Removing a dead or dying tree gives you new space for new healthy plants. A dead or dying tree can be dangerous for you and your property. It is important to remove rotting trees as they pose the threat of falling. Don’t make any unnecessary risks when dealing with your safety.

If you are in need of tree removal services in Pitsgrove, NJ, Big Timber is here to help. We are capable of safely removing any trees from your property. We are the prime choice for any of your tree removal needs. We have over 30 years of experience, giving us the cutting edge when it comes to tree services.  Tree removal can be a dangerous task. Don’t risk injuring yourself by removing a tree on your own – leave it to our experts.

Our tree removal specialists are always available to help. Professionally trained and licensed, we can get the job done swiftly and safely. Call today for the best tree removal services in Pitsgrove, NJ.


Tree Cutting & Tree Removal Company in Pitsgrove, NJ

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    Tree Removal & Tree Cutting Services

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    Pitsgrove, NJ Tree Pruning Services

    At Big Timber, we pride ourselves in providing excellent tree cutting and tree pruning services in Pitsgrove, NJ. It is important to maintain your trees to ensure they look beautiful and stay healthy year-round. With our pruning services, we remove unnecessary branches, cleaning up the shape of your tree and thinning it out to improve light exposure. Trimming your trees can also help promote new, healthy growth. We assess each tree and make the appropriate cuts to give it a healthy and pleasant appearance. 

    With Big Timber pruning services, you can rest comfortably knowing your property is in good hands. We prioritize safety when trimming trees, making sure there is no damage. We offer affordable prices, making us the go-to providers in Pitsgrove, NJ.


    Pitsgrove, NJ Tree Removal Services
    Emergency Tree Removal Services in Pitsgrove, NJ

    Big Timer is always available to offer assistance. In the case of an emergency, we can arrive quickly to clear the scene. After a storm in Pitsgrove, you can rely on us to remove damaged or fallen trees.

    Licensed Tree Surgeon in Pitsgrove, NJ

    Pitsgrove, NJ Tree Surgeon Services

    Are any of the trees in your Pitsgrove, NJ yard or on your property giving you trouble? Big Timber offers any tree service you may need, ranging from removal to trimming. Call today to speak to our experts.

    Pitsgrove, NJ Tree Cutting Services

    Make the Most out of Your Pitsgrove, NJ Property with Our Tree Removal Services

    Big Timber’s tree removal experts are fully licensed and insured. With more than 30 years of experience, our team is ready to handle any tree removal in Pitsgrove, NJ!

    Pitsgrove, NJ Tree Removal Services

    Tree Pruning Services in Pitsgrove, NJ

    Our professionals at Big Timber specialize in tree pruning services. With our assistance, you can promote new growth and keep your Pitsgrove trees looking sharp all throughout the year.

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