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On March 2, 1904, a law passed by the New Jersey Legislature created Paulsboro as a borough out of parts of Greenwich Township. It was given the name Samuel Phillip Paul after the settler’s son. Fort Billingsport, which the United States acquired the day after the United States Declaration of Independence was signed, is located in Paulsboro. The Port of Paulsboro is one of the busiest in the country for maritime transfer operations of petroleum products. It is situated on the Delaware River and Mantua Creek in and near Paulsboro.

Making sure that dead and decaying trees are removed from your Paulsboro, New Jersey property is essential to maintaining its beauty. You should also make sure that there is enough room and sunshine for new plants and trees to develop. Homes or other structures nearby that are within a tree’s falling distance are at a significant risk from dying or dead trees. Furthermore, termites and other pests are frequently drawn to these dying trees. Don’t expose your home or property to a termite infestation!

In Paulsboro, New Jersey, Big Timber Tree Service LLC is the company to call for any tree removal job. Our tree removal experts have over 30 years of expertise and are qualified and licensed to do the task in a safe and effective manner. Get in touch with our qualified tree surgeons right away so we can begin making your property safer for everyone while also enhancing its appearance.

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    Don’t neglect any overgrown trees on your property for an extended period of time. Not just for the health of the trees but also for your protection, it is crucial to preserve these trees. The risk of flammability increases with the presence of dead trees and branches because dry conditions and dead tree materials make it much simpler for a potential fire to spread throughout your Paulsboro property.

    You can trust that our Paulsboro tree cutting specialists will perform the task securely and expertly. Since more than 30 years ago, our arborists have been pruning and cutting trees in Paulsboro. We have complete faith that you will be delighted with the high caliber tree cutting work done by our arborists. Call right away to arrange for tree cutting at your Paulsboro, New Jersey property!

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    Tree Removal Services in Paulsboro, NJ

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    Needless to say, whether a tree is simply an eyesore or actually poses a concern to the safety of your Paulsboro, New Jersey property, our tree removal specialists have the tools and knowledge necessary to remove it. We handle all kinds of tree removals promptly and place a high priority on the security of our employees and customers. As with all of our customers, we can promise that you will be completely satisfied with the way our employees handle the job. Big Timber places a high focus on giving its customers in Paulsboro outstanding customer service, so get in touch with us right away if you have any inquiries or want to get a free estimate on tree removal!

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