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When it comes to tree service in the Collingswood area, Big Timber Tree Service should be the first name that comes to mind. As one of the best tree companies in the Collingswood, NJ area, Big Timber has long been the top choice for services like trimming, removal, and more for years. We understand how important the appearance of your lawn is to you. With that in mind, we pour our heart and soul into projects big and small. To learn more about our tree removal service in Collingswood and tree trimming service in Collingswood, reach out to our offices as soon as possible.

Our tree experts are trained on how to use all the proper equipment and have plenty of experience trimming and removing trees in South Jersey. Big Timber was created upon the mission to provide the best possible customer experience for projects of all sizes. Building a great connection with new and returning clients is just one of the reasons we became the top tree company in the Collingswood area.

Without the proper training and equipment, tree trimming on your own is strongly discouraged. Tree trimming may not seem like that difficult of a task, but for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, the risk of injury can be high. That’s where we come to help. Our tree removal service in Collingswood is performed by trained professionals to ensure all projects are done quickly and with the proper safety equipment.


Why You Need Professional Tree Trimming Service in Collingswood

Depending on your home and property, you may need one job to keep the trees on your property healthy, while others may need to schedule routine trimmings. Regardless of the type of situation, we should be the first call you make. For years, homeowners all across South Jersey have turned to us for tree trimming services in Collingswood and the surrounding area. Although mainly performed to improve the foliage of a property, proper tree trimming will help improve the health of any trees on your property.

The improved health of trees will also help enhance the airflow and increase the amount of sunlight that shines on your home. Homeowners who are sick of always being in the shade because of the surrounding woodwork can turn to us for a much brighter tomorrow. To schedule your tree trimming with the leading tree company in Collingswood, NJ, give us a call anytime.


Marlton, NJ Professional Tree Surgeon Services

Why Big Timber?

In 1989, we opened up shop in Marlton, NJ. With other businesses to turn to in the South Jersey area, we knew standing out from the competition was the best way for us to grow as a company. We strive to deliver an amazing product with industry-leading customer service to all clients, regardless of the size of their project. Fast forward nearly 30 years later, and that same goal is still felt today through our tree cutting services in the Collingswood area.

Specializing in projects like land clearing and tree service in Collingswood, we’re happy to assist homeowners with projects large and small.


Turn To Us For Tree Removal in Collingswood

Homeowners who give enough attention and care to a tree on their property run the risk of the tree being damaged, as well as the land and soil around the tree. If a tree is too far gone, it’s always a smart decision to have the tree removed. Homeowners have turned to us for tree removal in Collingswood for years.


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