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Tree Trimming Services in Mount Laurel, NJ

A community found in Burlington County, NJ, Mount Laurel has an estimated population of about 42,000 residents. Once a small rural farming community named after the many laurel trees that had once covered the area’s hills, Mount Laurel was established as a township in the late 1800s and had experienced a period of substantial suburban growth by the mid-20th century. Despite having become a suburban region, Mount Laurel has plenty of historic sites recognized in the National Register of Historic Places, including General Clinton’s headquarters, the Evesham Friends Meetinghouse, and Paulsdale. Mount Laurel is also home to a vast community park complete with a beautiful fishing lake, grassy hills, and a memorial for veterans. Mount Laurel has been ranked by as the 16th best place to live in the U.S. out of 50 other locations.

When exploring options for keeping your Mount Laurel, NJ property looking its finest, how your trees are being taken care of is something that should always come into consideration. Providing proper care for these trees will help to keep them healthy for generations to come. Trimming and pruning overgrown or dying branches is one means of maintaining a desirable shape for the tree as well as keeping it in good health. When it comes to your tree having any larger branches that are dying or on the verge of breaking off, it’s always recommended to call a licensed and insured tree company right away! These branches can fall at any point in time, especially during high winds or severe storms, and can cause a surprising amount of damage to any power lines, vehicles, or homes within reach. You can count on Big Timber Tree Service to take care of safely removing these problematic branches and limbs. Our professionals have all the required equipment to handle the tree pruning job safely, taking every precaution necessary. Call Big Timber today for a free estimate!

Tree Pruning Services in Mt Laurel, NJ

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    Mount Laurel, NJ Quality Tree Pruning Services

    Don’t let any overgrown trees on your Mount Laurel property go ignored for too long! It is important to keep these trees maintained not only for the sake of the trees’ health but your safety as well. With overgrown and dead tree branches comes the risk of flammability since the dead tree matter and lack of moisture would facilitate the spread of any fire on your Mount Laurel property.

    You can rest assured that our Mount Laurel tree pruning experts have the know-how and resources to handle the job both professionally and safely! After all, our tree surgeons have been trimming and pruning trees in the Mount Laurel area for over 30 years! We guarantee you, as with all of our Mount Laurel clients, will be fully satisfied with the the tree trimming work our licensed tree surgeons will perform. Call Big Timber today to schedule tree trimming services for your Mount Laurel, NJ property!

    Mt Laurel, NJ Tree Trimming Services
    Mt Laurel, NJ Insured & Licensed Tree Trimming Contractor

    Licensed & Insured Tree Trimming Company in Mount Laurel, NJ

    We at Big Timber Tree Service LLC are the best choice for any tree trimming services in Mount Laurel, NJ. With over 3 decades of experience in pruning trees, our Mt Laurel arborists are licensed and certified to help preserve the health of your trees! In addition to our tree trimming and tree pruning services, it remains a top priority of ours to always provide exceptional customer service to our Mount Laurel clients. Contact our professional tree surgeons today so we can get started on not only improving the look of your Mount Laurel property substantially, but making it safer for everyone involved!


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