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Tree Trimming Services in Mount Ephraim, NJ

Located in Camden County, NJ, the borough of Mount Ephraim has a population of 4,676 residents according to the 2010 census. Originally, a colonial settlement, Mount Ephraim was formed in 1926 by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 23 of that year. It was formed from portions of Centre Township. The borough was named for Ephraim Albertson. Ephraim who owned a public house called Old Tavern. It was a popular meeting place on Black Horse Pike & Kings Highway.  

When weighing out the options for how you can keep your Mount Ephraim, NJ property looking its best, it is always important to consider the state of trees on your property and how they’re being taken care of. In order for trees in Mount Ephraim to live a long, healthy life and not appear as an overgrown mess of branches, they will require regular trimming work. Trimming and pruning will keep your trees in good shape and remove diseased branches, but it requires a careful eye as improper trimming can potentially cause more harm than good to your tree. With this in mind, it’s advised that you reach out to a experienced tree company like Big Timber to handle any tree trimming and pruning work for your Mount Ephraim property.

Aside from just maintaining the trees’ overall appearance and health, tree pruning services are also an absolute must if there are broken or dead tree branches. These branches can fall at any point in time, especially during storms or high winds, and cause considerable damage to vehicles, power lines, and even your Mount Ephraim home! When it comes down to having any large branch that is broken or hanging from your tree, it’s always recommended to call a professional tree company like Big Timber right away to take care of it, as they will have the required equipment and take proper precautions while handling the job.

Tree Pruning Services in Mount Ephraim, NJ

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    Don’t let any overgrown trees on your Mount Ephraim property go ignored for too long! It is important to keep these trees maintained not only for the sake of the trees’ health but your safety as well. With dead and overgrown branches comes the risk of flammability since lack of moisture and dead tree matter would facilitate the spread of any fire on your Mount Ephraim property.

    You can rest assured that our Mount Ephraim tree pruning experts have the know-how and resources to handle the job both professionally and safely! After all, our tree surgeons have been pruning and trimming trees in Mount Ephraim for over 30 years! We guarantee you, like all of our Mount Ephraim clients, will be fully satisfied with the the tree trimming work our licensed tree surgeons will perform. Call today to schedule tree trimming services for your Mount Ephraim, NJ property!

    Licensed Tree Pruning Company in Mount Ephraim, NJ
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    Licensed & Insured Tree Trimming Company in Mount Ephraim, NJ

    We at Big Timber Tree Service LLC are the best choice for anybody requiring tree trimming or pruning services in Mount Ephraim, NJ. With our history in the tree trimming business, our licensed arborists in Mount Ephraim are certified to keep your trees in good shape, appearance, and health. In addition to our tree trimming and tree pruning services, it has always remained a top priority of ours to always provide exceptional customer service to all of our Mount Ephraim clients. As your trusted tree company in Mount Ephraim we’ll not only improve the look of your trees substantially, but ensure that the area is free of any tree-related hazards. Reach out to the pros at Big Timber today for a free estimate on your Mount Ephraim yard or property!

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