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When you have mass amounts of land and it requires brush mowing and upkeep, we’re your go-to service. Big Timber is here to help service all of your Brush Mowing needs. Brush mowing is a service needed when numerous acres require mowing. We utilize heavy machinery to mow all of the tall grass and weeds. Mowing fields requires tactics and skills our staff is experienced in. Our years of experience in brush mowing have led us to having the reputation of excellence. Brush Mowing in Georgetown, NJ is popular due the amount of properties that have hundreds of acres. Farm and Residential Land that requires frequent brush mowing is our specialty. Call today.


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Pasture and farm mowing here in Georgetown, NJ is popular. Were a pasture and Farm mowing company that has years of expereince. We get the job done fast an efficient helping your farm stay on track. We save you time and money by offering fast services in a timely manner here in Georgetown, NJ. 


If your interested in pasture and farm mowing or any other brush mowing service, call today. You will not find a more reliable service in the greater Georgetown, NJ area. 



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The Benefits of Brush Removal Services

Clearing the bush from your property has a number of benefits in addition to allowing you access to more places:

– Wildfires can be sparked by brush and weeds. If you live in a wildfire-prone area, it’s vital to maintain your property’s brush cut so that it doesn’t become fire fuel.

– Cutting the bush also aids in the prevention of disease spread. Mosquitos and other disease-carrying pests can breed in brush, making it a breeding ground for them. Having the bush mowed can assist to reduce the proliferation of these pests.

Brush mowing also improves the appearance of your home. Overgrown brush can make your property appear untidy and wild. Keeping the brush mowed will improve the appearance of your property.

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