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Ewing Township is a township located in Mercer County, New Jersey. The township has an estimated population of around 35,700 residents as of the 2010 census. The area was originally a part of Hopewell Township in Burlington County. In 1719, the area became Trenton Township. Then portions of Trenton Township were used to form Ewing Township in 1834 and were named after Charles Ewing honoring him for his time as Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. 

To preserve the natural beauty and appeal of your Ewing Township, NJ property, it’s always important to make sure that any dead and decaying trees are removed and that there is sufficient sunlight and space for other trees and plants to grow. Trees that are dying or already dead can also pose a huge risk to any homes or structures within their falling distance. To make matters worse, these decaying trees will often attract pests and termites. Don’t risk bringing a termite infestation near your Ewing Township home or property!

We at Big Timber Tree Service LLC are the best choice for any tree removal task in Ewing Township, NJ. With over 30 years of experience, our Ewing Township tree removal specialists are trained and licensed to handle the job both safely and efficiently! Contact our professional tree surgeons today so we can get started on not only improving the look of your Ewing Township property, but making it safer for everyone involved!

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    Ewing Township, NJ Tree Cutting Services

    Ewing Township’s Trusted Tree Removal Company

    In addition to residential clients, tree removal services are often sought after by commercial clients around Ewing Township. The township has many businesses that can benefit from professional tree removal and tree cutting services. Whether your Ewing Township needs trees removed to make room for a new parking lot or if a tree had fallen during or after a storm, Big Timber will stand by, ready to remove any and all trees for you, safely and efficiently!

    With our countless years of experience removing trees around Ewing Township and Central Jersey, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with how we handle your property’s tree removal. Reach out to Big Timber today to get started with removing trees to benefit your business and/or the safety of your customers.

    Ewing Township, NJ Quality Tree Cutting Service

    With the countless trees that populate residential areas around Ewing Township, there’s often a need for trees to be removed to make way for new housing developments and provide more space in existing properties. This is where Big Timber comes in to help! As Ewing Township’s trusted tree removal company, we’re more than qualified to handle any tree removal job, no matter how many trees are involved or how tall they are!

    We want you to rest assured that your Ewing Township yard or property is in good hands with Big Timber! For three decades and counting, we have provided Ewing Township, NJ with exceptional tree cutting work and customer service! To get started with removing any trees on your Ewing Township property, give our tree removal pros a call today, or use the contact form to request an estimate!

    Ewing Township, NJ Tree Cutting Services
    Tree Removal Services in Ewing Township, New Jersey

    Local Tree Removal Services in Ewing Township, NJ

    It goes without saying that our tree removal specialists have all the resources and expertise to remove any tree, whether it simply stands out as an eye-sore or poses a legitimate safety risk to your Ewing Township, NJ property. We’ll handle any emergency tree removals safely and promptly, and we can guarantee that you, as with all of our Ewing Township, NJ clients will be pleased with how our workers will handle the job. We also make it a top-priority to provide all of our clients with exceptional customer service, so feel free to contact us today with any questions or to request a free estimate for tree removal services in Ewing Township, NJ!

    Ewing Township, NJ Tree Cutting Services

    Make the Most out of Your Ewing Township, NJ Property with Our Tree Removal Services

    The tree removal specialists at Big Timber are fully licensed and insured. With more than 3 decades of experience, our team is ready to tackle any tree removal in Ewing Township, NJ!

    Ewing Township, NJ Tree Removal Services

    Tree Removal Services in Ewing Township, NJ

    Big Timber’s tree technicians are trained to handle tree removals both efficiently and with the highest regard for safety. Big Timber is just a call away for any of your tree removal needs in Ewing Township, NJ!

    Emergency Tree Removal Services in Ewing Township, NJ

    Emergency Tree Removal Services in Ewing Township, NJ

    Big Timber will always be there when you need them most. Were you hit by a storm in Ewing Township and need a tree removed as soon as possible? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

    Licensed Tree Surgeon in Ewing Township, NJ

    Ewing Township, NJ Tree Surgeon Services

    Are any trees on your Ewing Township, NJ yard or property causing problems? Leave it to Big Timber. Our trusted tree surgeons can handle any task when it comes to tree removal, tree cutting, and professional tree care.

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