Brush and Field Mowing in Columbus, NJ

Brush Removal Services in Columbus, NJ


If you have a difficult time managing overgrown fields, Big Timber is here to help. We offer Brush Mowing services in Columbus, NJ, to keep your fields looking trimmed and healthy. Brush removal has a range of benefits including preventing wildfires, preventing the spread of disease, and improving the overall appearance of your property. Getting rid of brush can even improve soil levels and improve the health of your other local plants.

Whether you want to clear a path, make space for a new project, or just tidy-up your property, we can help. Our brush hogs make it easy for our experts to clear through the unsightly growth. Call today to make an appointment!


Professional Brush Mowing Company in Columbus, NJ

Your Trusted Columbus, NJ Brush & Field Mowing Company

Professional Field Mowing Company in Columbus, NJ

Columbus, NJ Field Mowing Services

Maintaining your fields can be a difficult task, but with the help of our team at Big Timber, you can relax knowing your property is in good hands. Big Timber offers field mowing services in Columbus, NJ. We recognize that every customer has their own unique needs and requirements, so we customize each of our service plans. 

Whether you need pasture mowing, tall grass mowing, or brush hogging, we are here to help. Our team is highly experienced and capable of cutting through any terrain. 


Columbus, NJ Vegetation Management Services

At Big Timber, we offer vegetation management services that help preserve your flora and improve its health. We provide a range of services including infestation control, spraying herbicides, removing invasive species, managing meadows and woodlots, maintaining trails, and more. 

Our team is dedicated to providing you with efficient and timely service. We are open to any request you may have. Call today for a free consultation.

Vegetation Management Services in Columbus, NJ
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