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Located in Evesham Township, New Jersey, the town of Marlton has a population of 10,033 residents according to the 2010 census. Founded by Quakers in the 17th century, Marlton takes its name from the abundant marl clay found in the area’s rich soil, which had contributed to the construction of many local business buildings, and traded and exported to major cities throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. While commercial centers and residential developments have sprung up all around Marlton over the past several decades, the township surrounding Marlton is one of the municipalities included in the nation’s first National Reserve, the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve, a protected natural area with beautiful lakes and woodlands.

To preserve the beauty of your Marlton, NJ property, it is vital to ensure that dead and decaying trees are removed and that there is sufficient space and sunlight for other plants and trees to grow. Trees that are dying or already dead can pose an huge risk to any homes or structures within their falling distance. Additionally, these decaying trees will often attract pests and termites. Don’t risk bringing a termite infestation near your Marlton home or property!

We at Big Timber Tree Service LLC are the best choice for any tree removal task in Marlton, NJ. With over 30 years of experience, our Marlton tree removal specialists are trained and licensed to handle the job both safely and efficiently! Contact our professional tree surgeons today so we can get started on not only improving the look of your Marlton property, but making it safer for everyone involved!

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Don’t let any overgrown trees on your Marlton property go ignored for too long! It is important to keep these trees maintained not only for the sake of the trees’ health but your safety as well. With dead trees and branches comes the risk of flammability since the lack of moisture and dead tree matter make it much easier for a potential fire to spread through your Marlton property.

You can rest assured that our Marlton tree cutting experts know exactly how handle the job professionally and safely! Our tree surgeons have been cutting and trimming trees in Marlton for over 30 years! We are absolutely confident that you will fully satisfied with the quality tree cutting work our Marlton tree surgeons will perform. Call today to schedule tree cutting service for your Marlton, NJ property!
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